Magnum Photography Awards and LensCulture disgrace

You know, Magnum Photos has always been alleged as a Eurocentric, elitist organisation: an organisation that has struggled to escape its origins. The entity and its western photographers have been accused of stereotyping and demeaning women and girls in poverty-stricken societies. Well if there were any doubt, Magnum erased all a couple months ago. Go read about it on Petapixel.

We have left out the discussion of the ethics, or the breach thereof, by the photographer today. We would seek to highlight, however, that the photographer, Datta, was accused of plagiarizing a photograph by Mary Ellen Mark where he - essentially - photoshopped the subject into one of his photographs. The photographer admits in an interview with TIME to 'doctoring' photographs in the past and claiming the work of others as his own. There is further information about this on NPR.