BWIA closed down

- "We are looking to the 21st century whilst being empathic to our historical past" - Peter Davies, CEO, BWIA.

We are impressed that Mr. Davies can ante up the rhetoric while simultaneously dropping the axe on 66 years of our history. The gullible media has lapped up all of it, of course. While the airline's closure has sent shockwaves across the airline industry, with many lamenting the loss of, possibly, the world's safest carrier, many Trinidadians seem concerned only with whether they will get their tickets honoured. As it was with Caroni, once again we cast aside our history and heritage like yesterday's trash. Money matters, but heritage matters not at all. Today, we are silent like the rest of the population, but for a different reason. We've just been struck dumb by the tragedy of it all.

- December 2006


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